VIPSEAL the shield puncture prevention for all your tyres !

VIPSEAL « New Generation » 3 in 1 the PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION.

By injecting VIPSEAL in your tyres, YOU ALLOW KEEPING THE GOOD AIR PRESSURE and thus:

VIPSEAL is injected through the tyre valve.

This sealant solution will result in the establishment of a shield, through a water based product which diffuses evenly within the tyre surface.

The simple fact of driving, VIPSEAL spreads out harmoniously by standing on the entire inner surface of the threads and remains active though the whole tyre lifespan.

Drive without worry and make significant savings!

VIPSEAL is available in 3 different quality products corresponding to separate applications:

VIPSEAL guarantees protection for the threads on tubeless tyres.

Learn all about the range of VIPSEAL puncture-prevention sealant products!


recyclage des déchets
VIPSEAL bottles or drums are recyclable. Rinse and dry them before placing them into the appropriate receptacle.
protection de la planète
VIPSEAL is water-based and contains NO FIBRES.
superdreckkescht gestion écologique des déchets
Ecological waste management